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IMG 3342a копия   The DARIA Y MARIA brand is a fashion brand of a premium class which is specialized in making denim and leather jackets and also accessories. The brand is located in Spain.

 The creators of the DARIA Y MARIA brand are Daria and Maria Vasilevs who are artists according to their education.
The girls created their brand the main peculiarity of which is the pictures that are made by hand with dyes on the jackets.
The designers developed and created the whole line of their own pictures in POP ART style and painted them on the denim jackets and finished the composition with splendid ostrich feathers and rhinestones. Ostrich feathers are of the highest Spanish quality, they are represented in different colors and tints: white, pink, pistachio-colored, purple, gray, scarlet, also the feathers with rhinestones and also two-colored feathers! The feathers can be taken off which simplifies caring of the products. Also removable feathers allow putting on the jacket to some outstanding event and also as a casual item if to take off the feathers. Or you can take off these feathers and button down the feathers of different color and the jacket will look differently!
 Also the DARIA Y MARIA brand specializes in producing of biker-style leather jackets with the reproductions of posters with the image of Sarah Bernhardt (the actress at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries), decorated with metallic rivets. The artist who made these posters is a great and beloved by the sisters artist Alfons Maria Mucha, who created at the end of 19th and at the beginning of 20th centuries in Art Nouveau (Modern) style.
The main fabric which the products are made of is denim of a high quality (100% cotton) in dark blue, light blue and light pink colors. The biker-style leather jackets are made of calf leather. But only after putting a picture in the artists’ workshop these jackets become masterpieces.
 DARIA Y MARIA use special Spanish dyes which won’t be washed off in wet weather, the product will be in use for long in case of the right care.
 Every picture is made specially for you.
 Thanks to the DARIA Y MARIA brand the art left museums for the world’s streets.
 Every single DARIA Y MARIA jacket is a masterpiece! The masterpiece which is not only beautifies but also educates its owner.
 The second line of the DARIA  Y  MARIA brand is accessories. The DARIA  Y  MARIA   brand produces sun visor caps, crowns and earrings totally decorated with crystals, rock crystals and glass flowers by hand.
All the DARIA Y MARIA brand’s products are of premium class; it’s a high European quality and extraordinary design.
The products of the DARIA Y MARIA brand have been already estimated by popular fashion bloggers all over the world and russian and world show business celebrities such as: Evelina Khromtchenko, Quest Pistols, Irena Ponaroshku, Serebro, Milana Koroleva, Miriam Giovanelli, McKenna Grace, USB band from Comedy Club, Baddie Winkle,  Allison Harvard (America’s next top model) and MADONNA herself.
The DARIA  Y  MARIA’s products were published in Vogue Portugal, Cosmopolitan  Mexico,  Cosmopolitan  Spain, Cosmopolitan Portugal, Cosmopolitan Russia,  HUF  magazine,  Mod  magazine,  Vein  Spain and in many others issues all over the world. At all main fashion weeks DARIA Y MARIA’s jackets are regularly in the street style reviews of the world fashion magazines.
Pop Art jackets with feathers - it's a Global trend and DARIA Y MARIA brand is the  creator of this trend all over the world.
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